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If you have retirement on the horizon or are actively planning for your future, diversify your portfolio with Armada Mortgage Corporation - a mortgage investment corporation (MIC). MICs are diversified pools of predominantly residential mortgages, secured by real estate. Investors purchase shares in a MIC and receive a proportional interest in the fund’s portfolio and the income it generates. MICs are focused on providing a steady and consistent stream of income offering our investors a greater portfolio diversification.

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Why Invest with Armada?

  • Low Management Fees

    1.5% management fee with a $5,000 minimum investment.

  • Alternative Investment Yield

    6.84% Simple Average Rate of Return since 2003.

  • Socially-Conscious Investing

    Your investment helps Canadian families mortgage their homes.

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The data and figures above are all estimated based on historical data. Past performance is not indicative of future returns.

Armada's Historic Rate of Return

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Historic Rate of Return Average: 6.94%

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Armada's Investment Products

Flexible Investing

In addition to RRSP, RRIF and TFSA investing, we also offer Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) through GIC Direct, registered in British Columbia.

Investor Testimonials

A word from our clients

  • Knowledgeable and professional

    All the staff are very knowledgeable and extremely professional. Always very easy to deal with and prompt.

    Clair H


  • Responsive service

    My wife and I have several investments with Armada and have been extremely pleased with their responsive service and consistent returns over the years. Well deserved 5 star rating.

    Todd H


  • Amazing investment results

    Armada Mortgage Corporation has always been a highly professional group of Mortgage brokers to work with. We have also invested with them and have had amazing results. The service in their office is incredible, with friendly staff who are very knowledgable.

    Margot O


  • Helpful and Patient

    Very knowledgeable, helpful and patient with explaining how everything works. Very pleased with Arley and Armada.

    Anna C


  • I always feel secure

    The folks at Armada are always available to answer questions on your investments. They are a well managed family business with fabulous long term employees who I have grown very comfortable with over the years. I always feel secure in my dealings at Armada.

    Brenda E


  • No Doubt Left in our Mind

    It was exceptionally easy and very professional to deal with Armada Wealth Management. All our questions were answered, no doubt was left in our minds that this transaction was not going to be looked after very honest and legally.

    Carell F


  • Your MIC investment questions, answered

    Investor FAQ

    • A MIC is a professionally managed pool of mortgages secured by local real estate. They follow the Board of Directors approved mortgage underwriting guidelines to determine loan eligibility.

    • Contact a friendly dealer representative through our selling agent Armada Wealth Management.

    • Our Class A Shares offer a choice of either a dividend cheque each month or compound and accrue monthly. All retained earnings at year end are paid out or converted into shares by March 31st.

    • You will be taxed as interest income on monthly cash payments. If you would rather see your investment accumulate over time you may want to consider our reinvestment option inside a tax deferred plan.

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