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Mortgage Investment Corporations (“MICs”) are diversified pools of predominantly residential mortgages secured by real estate. Investors purchase shares in a MIC and receive a proportional interest in the fund’s portfolio and the income it generates. MICs are focused on providing a steady and consistent stream of income in order to offer the investor with a greater portfolio diversification.

Armada Mortgage Corporation

Armada Mortgage Corporation is registered as a MIC in British Columbia and is extra-provincially registered in Alberta, Ontario, and Manitoba. Our company is audited annually, and our principal regulator is the BC Securities Commission. Our simple average rate of return since 2003 is 6.76%.

7.61% Net yield to investors for 2019

Geographic Location# of Mortgages1st Mortgages2nd MortgagesTotal ValuesLoan to Value
B.C. South112$14,633,758$6,191,037$20,824,79551.7%
B.C. North13$1,898,567$530,000$2,428,58057.2%

Assume investing $10,000 in 2007, you would have $21,220 by now

Offering Memorandum

The offering Memorandum (“OM”) contains details regarding our MIC including our guidelines, progress, and outlook for our future investments.

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