Since 1995, Armada Mortgage Corporation has provided investors with a means to diversify their investment portfolios with Canadian real estate

Armada Mortgage Corporation is registered as a Mortgage Investment Corporation (“MIC”) in British Columbia and is extra-provincially registered in Alberta and Ontario. As a non-bank lender, Armada invests in residential, construction, and serviced land mortgage loans secured by first and second mortgages, and in exceptional cases, by third mortgages. Our MIC has generated a simple average rate of return of 6.82% since 2003 and is audited annually. Our principal regulator is the BC Securities Commission.

Armada Mortgage Corporation Details

  • Type: Mortgage Investment Corporation (“MIC”)
  • Incorporated: 1995
  • Total Mortgages in Portfolio: 173
  • Total Aggregate Principal in Portfolio: $41,300,000
  • Mortgage Sizes: $50,000 to $850,000
  • Geographic Diversification: BC, AB, ON
  • Average LTV (Loan-To-Value): 46%
  • Leverage: LOC of 10-20% of mortgage receivables, TD Canada Trust, secured by the MIC’s assets
  • Minimum Investment: $5,000
  • Simple Average Rate of Return: 6.8% since 2003
  • RRSP, RRIF, TFSA Eligible: Yes
  • Memberships: British Columbia MIC Managers Association, Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association, Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia, Registered Deposit Brokers Association
  • Auditor: Grant Thornton LLP

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